kare tahu tofu curry

Kare tahu recipe (tofu curry)

Although not one of Indonesia’s most famous dishes, light curries usually made with coconut milk are actually very popular. Vegetable curries tend to be quite rare but we love using tofu or tempe in curry as an alternative to meat. The tofu in this dish soaks up so much of the sauce that each piece […] → Continue Reading Kare tahu recipe (tofu curry)


Crispy kering tempe recipe (sweet, sticky tempe)

Kering tempe is a sweet treat that can help bring to life even the dullest of plates of rice. This sweet, sticky tempe is something you can serve right away or save for later and sprinkle over plain steamed rice for a quick snack. If you’re feeling particularly naughty, you can just nibble at the […] → Continue Reading Crispy kering tempe recipe (sweet, sticky tempe)

nasi gurih

Wayan’s really simple nasi gurih (Coconut rice) recipe

‘Gurih’ is an Indonesian word meaning ‘tasty’, ‘appetising’ or sometimes ‘tempting’. ‘Nasi’ is the Indonesian word for cooked rice. Put them together and what do you get? That’s right – delicious rice! Nasi gurih is rice cooked with stock and coconut to give it an extra level of flavour. It has cousins such as nasi […] → Continue Reading Wayan’s really simple nasi gurih (Coconut rice) recipe

sambal goreng hati

Wayan’s quick and easy sambal goreng hati recipe

Sambal goreng hati is a classic Indonesian recipe that uses chicken liver and potatoes. This recipe is usually not spicy and quite sweet because contains sweet soy sauce. Sambal goreng hati is one my favourite dishes when I have guests around or it’s someone’s birthday. It goes best with nasi kuning (yellow coconut rice) or […] → Continue Reading Wayan’s quick and easy sambal goreng hati recipe

tum babi

Simple Tum Babi Recipe (Balinese steamed pork)

These little packets of spiced meat steamed or baked in banana leaves are one of Balinese cuisine’s real treats. ‘Tum’ can contain any kind of meat and are usually served with rice and vegetables, often as part of the selection of side orders served with lawar Bali. This tum babi recipe will make about 15 […] → Continue Reading Simple Tum Babi Recipe (Balinese steamed pork)

Quick and easy soto ayam

Soto ayam is one of my favourite dishes when I’m ill or when the weather is cold. This soto ayam is really good to make you warm when you are cold. In Indonesia it’s easy to find people selling soto ayam on street corners or in markets and you can eat it at any time […] → Continue Reading Quick and easy soto ayam

sate babi

Simple Balinese sate Babi

Sate Babi is a popular dish in Bali. We cook sate when we have a ceremony such as an odalan (temple birthday), wedding ceremony or other special day. In Bali we have a lots of different types of sate. We can make sate with whatever meat we are fancy. Sate babi is a great dish […] → Continue Reading Simple Balinese sate Babi