chicken sate from side

Super simple chicken sate

Whenever I order Sate (satay) in the UK, I’m always presented with some huge lumps of meat on a kebab-sized skewer. It’s a long way from what we are used to in Indonesia. One of the great things about sate is that you only need little pieces of meat to make it. Small pieces of […] → Continue Reading Super simple chicken sate

Pisang goreng – Fried banana fritters

‘Gorengan’ is a popular snack throughout Indonesia. It literally means ‘fried things’ and covers a wide range of crispy goodies. One of my favourites is pisang goreng (deep-fried bananas in batter), especially first thing in the morning with a cup of hot coffee. Pisang goreng also makes a great dessert served with a scoop of […] → Continue Reading Pisang goreng – Fried banana fritters

Sayap ayam goreng kecap – Sweet and sticky chicken wings

Sayap ayam (chicken wings) make a great starter and are a really good accompaniment to a DVD or sports game on TV. Of course, they make a fantastic main course, too – especially for those of us not afraid to eat with our hands. The recipe below is for chicken wings but it would work […] → Continue Reading Sayap ayam goreng kecap – Sweet and sticky chicken wings

Wayan’s really simple mie goreng

Mie goreng (sometimes spelt ‘mi goreng’) is a really simple dish that only takes a few minutes to make. It can be bought at food stalls all over Indonesia and everyone has a slightly different way of cooking it. Mie goreng can be served as a main course but it’s also commonly found served with […] → Continue Reading Wayan’s really simple mie goreng

Wayan’s super simple gado-gado

Gado-gado is one of Indonesia’s most famous dishes, and with good reason– it’s delicious! The combination of sweet, spicy peanut sauce with crisp vegetables and soft potatoes or congealed rice really is something a bit different the first time you try it, too. There is no set way of making gado-gado. In fact, the word […] → Continue Reading Wayan’s super simple gado-gado

photo of sweet spicy tempe

Tempe lalah manis – Sweet and spicy tempe

Tempe is a common alternative to meat in Indonesian cooking and is thought to be very healthy. This recipe for sweet, spicy tempe works really well as a starter or a main course and can be easily adapted for vegetarians by leaving out the terasi (shrimp paste) and adding a little extra salt to compensate. […] → Continue Reading Tempe lalah manis – Sweet and spicy tempe

Babi kecap

Babi kecap (pork in sweet soy sauce) is a popular dish in Bali. It has a slightly Chinese flavour but with a spicy Indonesian kick. Ingredients: 500g lean pork – diced 2 stars of aniseed 3 bay leaves 4 tablespoons kecap manis (more if you have a sweet tooth!) 1/4 vegetable stock cube Spice paste: […] → Continue Reading Babi kecap