tum babi

Simple Tum Babi Recipe (Balinese steamed pork)

These little packets of spiced meat steamed or baked in banana leaves are one of Balinese cuisine’s real treats. ‘Tum’ can contain any kind of meat and are usually served with rice and vegetables, often as part of the selection of side orders served with lawar Bali. This tum babi recipe will make about 15 […] → Continue Reading Simple Tum Babi Recipe (Balinese steamed pork)

sate babi

Simple Balinese sate Babi

Sate Babi is a popular dish in Bali. We cook sate when we have a ceremony such as an odalan (temple birthday), wedding ceremony or other special day. In Bali we have a lots of different types of sate. We can make sate with whatever meat we are fancy. Sate babi is a great dish […] → Continue Reading Simple Balinese sate Babi

Bé Balung – Pork and Jackfruit Soup

Along with lawar and sayur urab, bé balung is a staple food for Balinese ceremonies. It’s possible to make balung with other meat or vegetables but this Balung recipe using pork and young jackfruit is the most common and a real Balinese classic. Balung needs to be cooked for a really long time for the […] → Continue Reading Bé Balung – Pork and Jackfruit Soup

Wayan’s Easy Balinese Lawar Recipe

In Bali, we have a word, ‘mebat’, which means something like ‘chopping’ but implies that the chopping is done with friends. What could be fun about chopping? you may ask. Well, ‘mebat’ is more than just chopping – it’s chopping and chatting… and often drinking, too. Groups of guys will get together to finely chop […] → Continue Reading Wayan’s Easy Balinese Lawar Recipe

Babi kecap

Babi kecap (pork in sweet soy sauce) is a popular dish in Bali. It has a slightly Chinese flavour but with a spicy Indonesian kick. Ingredients: 500g lean pork – diced 2 stars of aniseed 3 bay leaves 4 tablespoons kecap manis (more if you have a sweet tooth!) 1/4 vegetable stock cube Spice paste: […] → Continue Reading Babi kecap