chicken sate from side

Super simple chicken sate

Whenever I order Sate (satay) in the UK, I’m always presented with some huge lumps of meat on a kebab-sized skewer. It’s a long way from what we are used to in Indonesia. One of the great things about sate is that you only need little pieces of meat to make it. Small pieces of […] → Continue Reading Super simple chicken sate

Wayan’s super simple gado-gado

Gado-gado is one of Indonesia’s most famous dishes, and with good reason– it’s delicious! The combination of sweet, spicy peanut sauce with crisp vegetables and soft potatoes or congealed rice really is something a bit different the first time you try it, too. There is no set way of making gado-gado. In fact, the word […] → Continue Reading Wayan’s super simple gado-gado