photo of lumpia

Wayan’s quick and easy lumpia (spring rolls)

When we have friends over in the UK, there are a few things that people request for lunch over and over again. Crispy lumpia (spring rolls) is one of these things. We usually like to make a big batch of lumpia and keep it in the freezer. Once you’ve got the knack of rolling them […] → Continue Reading Wayan’s quick and easy lumpia (spring rolls)

Wayan’s super simple gado-gado

Gado-gado is one of Indonesia’s most famous dishes, and with good reason– it’s delicious! The combination of sweet, spicy peanut sauce with crisp vegetables and soft potatoes or congealed rice really is something a bit different the first time you try it, too. There is no set way of making gado-gado. In fact, the word […] → Continue Reading Wayan’s super simple gado-gado

photo of sweet spicy tempe

Tempe lalah manis – Sweet and spicy tempe

Tempe is a common alternative to meat in Indonesian cooking and is thought to be very healthy. This recipe for sweet, spicy tempe works really well as a starter or a main course and can be easily adapted for vegetarians by leaving out the terasi (shrimp paste) and adding a little extra salt to compensate. […] → Continue Reading Tempe lalah manis – Sweet and spicy tempe